At AWP Creative media we have zero tolerance for racism. AWP Creative Media is dedicated to the eradication of racial discrimination, harassment, and vilification in the workplace. AWP Creative Media through this policy ensures that any individual or company is not disadvantaged due to race, geographical location, sexual orientation, or prejudice towards one's cultural, personal, or physical views/appearance.  We follow the laws and guidelines set out under the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) and the NSW Anti-discrimination Act (1977). We have the right to terminate a contract if a client or creator fails to comply with this policy.


AWP Creative Media is committed to ensuring your personal information, as well as company information, is strictly kept confidential to others outside your contract terms. We collect personal information via email, forms, and various other information streams. By accepting this policy AWP Creative Media will protect your information from third parties and will not distribute any information without your consent. We work alongside our hosts to secure and protect your information submitted: WIX via our website, Google via our emails, calls as well as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube via our social media. 


Each project we create is based on the individual needs of our clients and creators. We ask that you refer to your individual contracts for an in-depth account of our terms and conditions. 


However, these following terms and conditions fall under ALL contracts:

  1. Our services are only offered to those over the ages of 18. 

  2. AWP Creative Media does not take responsibility for the behavior and outcome of our creators while under contract.

  3. AWP Creative Media requires a 30-day notice of termination from clients and creators for signed contractors. All agreed work within a contract must be fulfilled prior to termination. All cancellation requires written consent via email. Cancellation Fees apply.

  4. AWP Creative Media requires a $300 fee per campaign with a 5-day cooling-off period. After 5 days the remaining campaign balance will be invoiced to be paid ASAP.

  5. AWP Creative Media is not a representation of creators as a talent agency and use creators on a causal/contracted basis only.

  6. AWP Creative Media has reserved the right to change/modify a contract within terms at any point without permission of either party. 

  7. All online payments are managed by WIX and its partners.

  8. All Invoices are paid in AUD. 

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Established 2020.