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From Communication to Conversation: Why Brands Need to Cut through the White Noise

I think we can all agree that nobody wants more advertising in their life. From the moment we wake up, we’re inundated by it. From the physical to the digital, we’ve become accustomed to our world (and our screens) being flooded with the latest products and ad campaigns. And this means one thing..

White noise.

The marketer’s enemy, white noise occupies the void where information clutters. Messages get lost in the meaningless humdrum and it renders communication efforts pointless.

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With an abundance of competition in the market, it’s getting harder to break through this white noise and command attention. Businesses must consider their approach to meaningful engagement to ensure that their brand’s content is relevant to their consumer’s lives. This is called "The Brand Conversation".

Marketers and entrepreneurs alike love to talk about “The Brand Conversation”. Although it’s up there with ‘synergy’ and ‘disruptor’ as a hyped-up and overused buzz term, it’s actually super important. Conversation creates connection and the more you talk to someone the more you bond. Consumers crave connection and we all know what connection breeds for a brand: loyalty and bottom-line growth.

“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you ” - Zig Ziglar

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So what exactly is Brand Conversation?

To put it simply, your brand conversation is the way in which you communicate with consumers and potential customers. It develops a story, forming both the identity and reputation of your business and acting as an important tool by which to inform, persuade, remind and teach customers.

It incorporates your blog and website content, social media and the overall tone and voice of your business. So intentional or not, you’re constantly in brand communication. Every post or update is contributing to your overall brand conversation and that means attention to the consistency and quality of content is crucial!

Why is Brand Conversation important?

Leading brands focus on building genuine relationships with their consumers and move away from the emphasis on selling and differentiating themselves in the market. If investing in customer relationships isn’t the number one priority of your business, it should be! When customers feel connected to brands, their loyalty and trust increase. This customer loyalty requires development and nurturing, and brand conversation is foundational to this connection.

Brand recognition and awareness is increased through consistency and repetition. If your brand personality or messages change periodically, this creates confusion and consumers won’t know what you are about.

Tips to build your Brand Conversation

The most recognised brands work hard to integrate a consistent presence and strong brand personality across all forms of communication. Here’s a few tips:

Focus on your Consumer - the #1 rule of brand conversation is that it’s not all about you. Tempting as it may be, it’s important to achieve a balance between talking and listening. Listen to your audience. What type of content matters the most to them right now? Rising trends, pop culture moments or newsworthy pieces - personalise and curate relevant content that appeals.

Tell your Story - don’t we love storytelling, it adds authenticity and personality! Think about how you relate to people in your everyday life. Sharing your story on a personal level is innately human and it’s what distinguishes you from your competition. Provide testimonials and reviews, discuss the ‘how and why’ behind your business. Your story is unique, so humanise the experience and use this to your advantage.

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Establish your Brand Tone and Voice - it’s important to understand there’s a difference between brand voice and tone. While voice remains consistent and unchanging, tone evolves to suit the context of the brand message. A distinguishable and memorable voice that embodies the brand’s personality and values, differentiates you from your competition.

Define your Message - have a clear sense of purpose that’s reflected in a consistent brand message. This should be in line with your brand identity, values and strategy. Before posting your next update, ask yourself, “Does this add to my brand in a meaningful way?” If the answer is no, reconsider ways to stand out amongst the white noise in market.

Leverage your Message - once you’ve established a clear message, maximise it across various platforms with engaging interactions to stay top of mind. Social media is essential and consumers feel better connected with brands that have a robust social media presence. It connects people and produces leads beyond traditional methods as opposed to simply utilising it as a mere channel for promotion.

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Update Consistently - Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. It’s all about regular posting and updates!

Knowing that you’re in constant conversation with consumers allows you to control the narrative of your brand. Whether you need to better define your messaging, increase the frequency of posts or differentiate your brand voice, it’s important to use your brand conversation to break through the clutter and stand out from the competition!

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