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Road Trips: They’re Just As Rewarding As Overseas Holidays

For many of us, Spring is the time to create positive memories with infinite possibilities of fun, romance, and adventure. Or maybe you are thinking of flying for an overseas destination - except that is off the table, thanks to COVID-19.

That does not mean we should put a stop on our adventurous spirit. There are so many other ways we can still have fun while keeping health and safety in mind. One takeaway from this crisis is that it reminds us to not neglect the importance of domestic adventures. Road trips are now making a comeback due to travel restrictions, and they are certainly just as, if not more rewarding than flying beyond your borders.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

They’re Budget-Friendly

Have you pondered whether it is worthy to spend such a hefty amount on a plane ticket while planning a trip? Guess what? With road trips, you can explore the scenic hotspot within your locality with your beloved friends and family on a pocket-friendly budget. Say good-bye to costly accommodation and flights. All you really need is a filled-up tank, some good snacks, and a longing for adventure.

Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash

You can find Inspiration around you

Travel is an opportunity to get to know ourselves. And that personal growth could be achievable anywhere. Sometimes, our repetitive daily routines can make us forget to explore our local surroundings. Enter road trips - put on your most comfy jumper, hop behind the wheel, revive some old memories, and explore the unexplored. If the simplicity of nature like looking up at an endless canopy of stars from the sunroof of your car or taking a refreshing dive into a waterfall after a long hike is where you find your biggest inspiration, then nothing can stop you from that.

Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash

They support your local businesses

Small travel businesses face enormous setbacks and challenges due to the impacts of the lockdown. Now, more than ever, they need the support of those in their local area. Road trips are the perfect opportunity to show your love and support for these small business owners. Take a drive to your local art gallery, grab a bite at your local cafe, or take a trip around a scenic alley with a local tour guide. Small businesses are reinventing themselves through COVID, and this is a great opportunity to show encouragement.

Photo by Tony Lee on Unsplash

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, your next road trip adventure awaits. For more exciting adventurous updates, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our blog below!

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