• Kaylen Cenidoza

Taronga Zoo: We're Still Open!

Did you know there are tons of businesses in the tourism industry that are still open? In the current environment, it is easy to forget that there are places to go within your state where you can safely social distance as well as support the tourism industry during this tough time.

To help you find the best places to go to keep your Instagram feed still looking fun and getting away for a little, AWP Creative Media has launched the ‘We’re Still Open’ series. I know a lot of people are working from home currently. So, what was once your sanctuary from work has become a makeshift workspace. For the next few weeks, we’re showcasing businesses that are still open and ways to go on a holiday without actually leaving the country.

The first episode of the series was a trip around Brisbane (you can find the blog here). Throughout the week you’ll see our most recent episode where we went to Taronga Zoo Sydney. It was an amazing experience and I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time since COVID began. There are two main things that we recommend you have to do when you go to Taronga Zoo. These being the Wild Ropes & the new African Savannah habitat.

Wild Ropes

For the adventurous ones at heart, The Wild Ropes are a high ropes course that takes you above the Australian Animals habitat. Taking around an hour, it’s great to do with your kids or watch them as they run out of energy. With the high vantage point, you get the most amazing views of Sydney Harbour. I know what you’re thinking, I’m from Sydney and the view never changes. But trust me, it really is breathtaking. A little pocket of nature in the middle of Sydney.

Photos by @missbcreative and @_fairytalegirl

The African Savannah

At this rate, there might be a chance our borders won’t open for overseas travel soon. But, stepping into the African Savannah will really make you feel like you’ve stepped right off the aeroplane into an African Safari. Located in the heart of the Zoo, you can see everything that Sydney and the African Savannah has to offer. With the view of Sydney, you see the Giraffes, Jimiyu, Zarafa and their calf Ebo, as they have their lunch or the Lions, Lwazi & Ato, watching over the harbour as the Kings of the Jungle.

Photo by @kaylenxrose

So, look out for the upcoming posts we have on our day out at Taronga Zoo for the ‘We’re Still Open’ series and the more to come over the next weeks. You’re going to love what we have in store. See you soon!

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