6 Series Online Webinar

6 Series Online Webinar


Thursday Night's  at 7:30pm. Coming Soon.


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with social media. It's our sole job and not everyone has the luxury of having someone to do it for them. It's a value tool to have in your marketing and promotions belt. We go through over 6 weeks the different lessons you should know about creating and maintaining your own platform. 


Learn the basics of social media marketing.


We will take you through 6, 30 minute sessions.

- Benefits of Social Media

- Understanding Analytics

- Interpreting Content

- Working with Influencers

- Creating Paid Ads Facebook + Instagram

- Conclusion


  • Disclaimer

    All information in the webinar is not specific to your certain situation and is general advice only. For advice in relation to your business please book our consultation services or purchase the DIY Package.

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