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Using our social media marketing strategies and online community of creators, we want to help you kickstart your travel business amidst COVID. Our campaigns are designed and constructed around your business to showcase your unique selling point.

We want to tell the right people where to find you!


We reach the right audience by implementing digital marketing strategies across all social media platforms. This ensures no potential customer is untouched, as we aim to achieve higher brand awareness and increased revenue.

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What we specialise in


Branding Strategy

Establish a purpose with your brand. We analyse, identify, clarify and figure out what your brand voice is.

Content Creation

Create meaningful content for your brand. We exclusively design, write and create visual content that suits your brand voice. 

Social Media Management

Let your social media campaign come to life with us! We plan, manage and create social media calenders as well as advertisements.

Marketing Campaigns

Personalise your own unique campaigns with us! We cater towards your goals and objectives in order to thrive better within the travel industry.

Working with Us



Help us understand and get to know you better




Work with us to enhance you product's image

Establish multiple network connection with us

Watch your product get the recognition it deserves!

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Travel Business

Want to generate more engagement towards your brand?

By differentiating your brand from competitors, you can increase engagement using paid advertisements campaigns.

We can build up brand awareness by creating content to grow your social media reach as well as your international branding to introduce new products and services to your audience.

Why choose AWP Creative Media?

We are the first Australian creative agency that specialises in travel marketing. We go beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing with our experienced marketing strategists.

We tailor customised packages and unique marketing campaigns for your brand to excel within the tourism industry.



What we can do for you!

Here’s a chance to engage your audience!

We are offering you the opportunity to experience, explore and create captivating content for our clients, while also engaging your audience.

Our clients include hotels, hostels, restaurants, tour companies, vehicle hire and more.

What you can do for us?

Now it is your opportunity to stand out!

When you participate in our campaigns, you will be able to showcase your unique brand and individuality.


We are looking for Australian content creators, influencer reviews/opinions and blogger platforms around NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia.

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Established 2020.

Image by Christian Lambert

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